The less you own, the more you have… My boss planned for a get together last month at a lavish Pub in Indranagar. I knew I’m going to get drunk and decided to take a cab. Ah!!! That was my first Uber experience. I took the seat next to the driver and there was a […]

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Periyar-A Saint of No Religion!

Ramachandra Guha recently in an essay wrote, “Bose, Savarkar, Periyar, Ambedkar, and Shivaji were all remarkable figures, to understand whose significance one needs many books, films and plays about them. But where are the writers, scholars, and playwrights who can write fearlessly about these leaders, juxtaposing their achievements with their failures, contrasting their qualities of […]

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“காதற்ற ஊசியும் வாராது காண் கடைவழிக்கே” 

The title – “காதற்ற ஊசியும் வாராது காண் கடைவழிக்கே” “Kaadhatra Oosiyum Vaaraadhu Kaan Kadaivazhikkae”meaning, This eyeless needle is useless and will not go to the market. And, even this useless needle will never accompany you in your final destiny (after death). These verses that changed Pattinathar’s life. நாபிளக்க பொய்யுரைத்து நவநிதியம் தேடி நலனொன்றும் அறியாத நாரியரைக் கூடி  பூப்பிளக்க வருகின்ற புற்றீசல் […]

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