Keep calm and read Bagavadgita

Dear Sushma Swaraj, no offence to Bhagvad Gita, but we already have a national testament!!!!!

Why nationalising everything????? Anytime we make something national, we end up ruining it. Think about what happened to Tiger and hockey.
So now, let’s make mosquito our national Insect and Rape our national crime. Then finally we screw up on that and forget about it in course of time.

We already have a national book. It’s called the Constitution. If we need another book, how about this one? FACEBOOK.
Every religious book deals with philosophy of life. Gita is one such book. So is Bible and other religious texts.

In a country as multi-religious and multi-cultural as India, how could Bhagavad Gita, regarded sacred and religious scripture of Hindus be made National Scripture? Well, Bhagavad Gita may contain more philosophical thought than religious thought, but ultimately all religious scriptures preach same basic values. Rather than making these kind of efforts, people should learn and imbibe the great teaching of Gita and once they do so, they would surely find no need to ask for such demands.
Why we need to have national scripture to be declared? What will be achieved? If you can withdraw peace or solution from book, go ahead and get benefited, but it will be ridiculous to make it national book. Is it not the step towards challenging the secular fabric of the nation. Foundation of the nation is being challenged today, if it continues, be ready to have another Pakistan in another name as failed state.

We also wrote a national book called the Constitution of India, which contains all the ideas and rules that keep our country working. This is the most important book in our country. It starts with the Preamble, which is the introduction. The Preamble is the soul of the Constitution. It sets out our national goals, such as justice and equality.

The free Indian state was founded on the principles of the Constitution even if the Gita might be part of the spiritual DNA of Indian civilization. The Constitution is both the bedrock and the scaffolding of the Indian nation. That is the litmus test we apply to our laws. We may swear to tell the truth on a Gita or a Koran or a Bible but in the end the direction of the Indian state is guided by the Constitution. Our lawmakers and judges have to ensure that everything they do is constitutional. Not Gita-worthy or Koran-abiding or Bible-approved.

Narendra Modi is perfectly within his rights to give the Bhagvad Gita or anything else he chooses to heads of state around the world. He may give laadoo to heads of state around the world now, that doesn’t mean we can declare it as our national mithai???
Dear Mr.Modi, power is going to the head causing serious damage to brain of these women ministers. Jyoti ramjade vs others, smriti sanskrit vs german and now sushma geeta vs constitution. Modi must appoint an expert neuro surgery specialist.

Bagavadgita is international, don’t make it national. Because, we ruin everything that we make National.

Ajay Marshal



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