IIT-“Iyer Iyengar Technology”OR “Indian Institute of Technology” ? – Ajay Marshal

Manuwadi Vivekananda and Vande Mataram Study Circle at IIT Madras are OK but Ambedkar Periyar Student Circle is Banned! Banned for speaking against superstitions and raising voice against caste based discrimination. Caste Based Discrimination at IITs and all other higher education institutions is common in India. Shame on IIT administration and MHRD.

First of all interference by the MHRD in autonomous institutions IIT-Madras asked to ban a student group !!! Why? I feel it is one step closer to dictatorship Is Ambedkar name is too radical ? IIT Madras stood against caste-based hatred, but it was made freedom and Modi related issue. Okay! There are religious student groups which propagate Bhagwat Geeta but when it comes to Ambedkar group why is there a ban? I have to wonder about the ego strength of a system that cannot handle criticism. makes me wonder what they are hiding. the Dean’s justification sounds dismissive and not worthy of a head of an institute that professes management expertise.

Shame on this Government’s Ministry of HR and IIT Madras administration for banning a student group – Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle. This is absolute misuse of power by the Sanghis and attack on fundamental right of freedom of expression and free speech. These buggers know the power of ideology of Dr Ambedkar and Periyar Naicker which is the only ideological force in India that can challenge them socially, culturally and politically.


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