Do This in Remembrance of Me

Just for a thought!!! I just felt like sharing this thought here!!!

A man at the church who kept observing me for a while came up to me and asked,”Brother, I see you here for every mass with the choir, but I haven’t seen you receiving the Holy communion?”.
As I maintained silence, he dragged closer and asked with a much lower tone,’Why don’t you receive the body and blood of christ through the Holy Eucharist ? ”
Silence prevails….
I look at him for a while, with gratitude and partial guilt and then I go closer to him and whisper, “Brother, I am a vegetarian”.

Then the priest sings in a loud tone, “Go in the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ’
Congregation: Thanks be to the Lord.

(I’m sure I have a good heart and would never distort another person’s faith)


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