Meta – உன்னை அறிந்தால்…

IMG_0798.JPGThe Alchemist (1988)- When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. Each thing has to transform itself into somethingbetter, and to acquire a new Personal Legend, until, someday, the Soul of the World becomes one thing only.

I was inspired to write this blog after a brilliant Toastmasters meeting at Smedleys Speakers’ Society, Bangalore, which happened just two days earlier to the historic days for both US and INDIA. The US elections and India’s currency demonetisation. The results of both turned disastrous!!!

I concluded my speech about following one’s passion in life by saying, “When you want to be something in life, and you really want to do it, don’t think!!! Just do!!!”. But I wasn’t even sure if I was really a thinker or doer.

The greatest mystery revealed. Anything is possible. You can have or do or be anything you want!!!
I discovered the secret. Beyond any secrets, the sum of all secrets.

Meta is a nice word. It’s a word that most people don’t understand. We talk about ‘metaphysical ‘ and all those stuff. Ah no no….
It is just that what you can see between eyes. You got to see between inner eyes of understanding. Meta is beyond the physical.
Do you know that 99% of the population has been programmed to let the outside world control the inside ? If you want to get what you want , you got to let the inside world control the outside. That’s what the ‘meta secret’ is all about.

The meta secret to health and abundance is doing what you love, Following your passion, Enjoying your life, Being grateful for this moment, realising the fact that you already have health and abundance.
You have health and abundance to the level that you allow it in your life. Expand your level of openness, deservingness and you can have your level of health and abundance, right now!

How do we become more wealthy ? You become more grateful. Studies in the US show, that grateful people earn more money and are better at innovation. So the first step to becoming more wealthy is to become more grateful. Find the good in your world right now, and you’ll take the first step to becoming more wealthy .

The meta secret to be more wealthy, is to know exactly what you want and be one to pay the price to get it.

The key to abundance is to act inspite of fear, act inspite of doubt, act inspite of worry, act inspite of inconvenience, act inspire of uncertainty, act inspite of anything.
You got to create a lot of value to lot of people around you. If you do that you will be bringing wealth back to you. These action should bring you attraction and satisfaction. So by giving service, doing something to lot of people to improve their lives, brings lot of joy to them. If you do that and keep expanding that, making the world a great place, wealth is your foregone conclusion.

You begin yourselves right now to feel healthy, you can begin to feel prosperous, you can get to feel the love, surrounding you. Even if it’s not there… and what happens is that the universe will correspond to the nature of your song. The universe will correspond the nature of your inner feeling and manifest , because that’s the way you’re feeling. Our thoughts and our feelings create our lives.

Life can be absolutely phenomenal and it should be and there will be. You and I are the creators of our own destinies.
Your thoughts and your feelings create your life , and it is always like that .. Once you understand and start creating good thoughts, that’s when you realise a change and goodness around you. That’s where your freedom is. That’s where all your power is. That’s when you see how you can become a deliverer and creator of your lives.

Stop paying attention to everyone who tell you what you have to do and start paying attention to your inner self and what it wants you to do.

Thank you,


10 thoughts on “Meta – உன்னை அறிந்தால்…

  1. Jeg har tænkt på noget, som godt nok er lidt off-topic i forhold til disse (ellers meget savnefr-mkaldelde) billeder. Eftersom i begge er Århusgensere, har i så nogle gå i byen steder i kan anbefale? Regner med at hive min veninde med ud på hendes første post-18årsbytur, men eftersom jeg bestemt ikke er bysbarn eller barvant i Århus, tænkte jeg jeg ville forhøre mig lidt Maria


  2. Hey there! Quick question th&2#a8t17;s totally off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My website looks weird when viewing from my iphone. I’m trying to find a theme or plugin that might be able to correct this problem. If you have any suggestions, please share. Thank you!


  3. Good thought about health,wealth, seeing things in positive manner,will power to attain goals in life.Good keep it up and many more articles come in….

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  4. Thanks Shankar sir. Yet to read about the 8 fold truth. Considering to read Alchemist once again. That book never makes you bored anytime. New inspirations each time you read it.


  5. Huh at last I’m able to see your inner self blossoms like a lotus.

    If you read the teachings of Buddha – you will know the secret (8 fold truth)

    Well also read the alchemist book for deeper understanding of the universal secret…

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