The less you own, the more you have…
My boss planned for a get together last month at a lavish Pub in Indranagar. I knew I’m going to get drunk and decided to take a cab. Ah!!! That was my first Uber experience. I took the seat next to the driver and there was a huge traffic jam on the road and cops weren’t interested in clreaing the jam.
The driver abused the cops saying they would only work on pressures or to collect bribes in the name of fines. I was trying to calm the frustrated driver while I was already frustrated. There started our topic and went to the lavish Wedding of the reddy’s that we recently heard of.. I shared my opinions about how simplistic living is the best and how I myself am trying to lead a simplistic life for better quality of life…

The less you own the more you have…
Ladies and Gentlemen, are we living life only on the weekeneds? Are we all so stressed in life and are longing to find peace of mind to accommodate life within us ?

Stuff makes unnecessarily complicated…
Researchers in the ULCa labs has observed 32 middle class families and what they found was all their stress was spacked during the time they spent with their belongings…
Stop buying, just for buying sake!!!
A bigger house means more to clean, more to maintain and more and more to maintain when things go wrong..

There is peaceful of mind and freedom in downsizing..

Life is easy why do we make it so hard?
We don’t need excess in order to be successful… Success is not that..!!!
Clean up your mess and incompletes..
Jack Canfield in his book the success principles.. says, clean up your mess and incompletes..
By cleaning away the strenuous , you make way for the good things in your life…

If you know that stuff you no longer use or it is of no use to anyone at home, dump it or donate it… do whatever you want, but it has to go away from you..

“There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.” —Jackie French Koller

According to statistics, we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. That means that many of us have closets full of clothes that we no longer like or no longer fit us correctly. They are just taking up space. The simple exercise of going through your closet and removing all unused clothing leaves your closet lighter, your mornings less stressful, and your wardrobe full of things you love.
We deserve something Else. More Life in life. More of what actually matters, dropping what doesn’t.
I reached Indranagar, before I could find the exact place where I should unboard, this man, the humble Uber driver , with tears in his eyes said ‘Thanks..” . He said when I got married, I had no money to treat my guests.. I was succumbed to tradition of Indian marriages of treating your large guests.All that I had invested was not more than 7k rupees.. But now, I feel so proud that I have not polluted, I have not harmed anyone on the large scale for my greed of luxury living – Living for more…

Dear Friends, Happyness is the state of being, not a state of having. Down size your stuff and you will automatically supersize your quality of life..



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