Beauty of small things

Beauty of small things! This sound like a wonderful blessing .

Mother Teresa says: “Be faithful of small things, because it is in them that your strength lies.”

Sometimes, that small things that we do in life has potential to take us to great places and sometimes to disastrous conditions too. Sometimes you can rise up like an eagle, and sometimes fall into the trash.

Dear Reader,

Now, I would like to teach you a song… I want you to repeat along.

“Lala toto lala ×2 

Mama atakuja 

akupe maziwa lala”

Nelson Mandela has once said:”After one has been in prison, it is the small things that one appreciates: being able to take a walk whenever one wants, going into a shop and buying a newspaper, speaking or choosing to remain silent. The simple act of being able to control one’s person.”

Solomon, the wise Israelite King gave a timeless homily in Songs of Solomon. He counseled, “Catch all the foxes, those little foxes, before they ruin the vineyard of love, for the grapevines are blossoming.”

Sometimes, little things make a big difference. Little things make a big day.

I’ll share you a story. –

That was a very pleasant morning, the crack of the dawn, the first blush it is, beautiful when the early morning sun rays enter into your living room and make the room so bright. We were almost 15 of us, including my baby brother in the cradle and my cousin sister and brother from Kenya, my uncle’s children when he had settled down in Nairobi Kenya. We were all dressed up to the nines. Some dressed to the teeth. All of us are seated in a semi circle eagerly waiting to watch something that was very unusual to us then. My Kenyan cousin will be performing for us her arangetram – piece, the Bharatanatyam dance form of ancient India. She was decorated with ethnic ornaments over a dark red saree. Her typical African hair curls adjusted to look like well knitted South Indian style. Her eye brows outlined the readiness and the passion for dance. We gazed in awe at her who looked so graceful and pulchritudinous. She was a spruce and really beautiful.

I’m seated in the front row , well composed and the second youngest of the all the children there. As innocent as a devil of two years old. Somebody switched on the tape recorder player . Instead of a classical song, there was another song which played by mistake. that was my favourite song from the super star Rajnikanth’s movie. Excited, I just jumped to put in my steps for the song. Followed by naughty peer cousins. Children there went crazy and there was fun filled chaos in that house.

There was a big ruckus in that house, the noise woke up the sleeping baby in the cradle and he started crying.

Unmindful, the children were caught up in the frenzy of the game. The baby’s cry was ignored by everybody as the noise was dominant than the cry. The baby’s cry only caught the attention of my elder, Kenyan cousin, who looked like a just born Goliath. who had no idea about our language, a tall and stout boy, trying to stop us all and bring us to the notice of the crying baby. He tried his best but no response from us.

He suddenly screamed to the top of his voice to stop our noise.

He went near the cradle. The children scattered in fright. It was only after a while that I understood what we were up to. His face has darkened , drained of all joy of the frenzy. There was deep silence. The silence kept quiet about what he had to do to the baby.

While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things are extraordinary.

And the air was full of Thoughts and Things to Say. But at times like these, only the Small Things are ever said. Big Things lurk unsaid inside. Make it your habit not to be critical about small things.

He is on the journey to his adulthood. He got himself into a paradigm shift, smiled at the baby , swayed the cradle and sang a song of the African Swahili tribe:

Lala toto lala ×2

Mama atakuja akupe maziwa lala.–oozC40k

You believe me? My baby brother , stopped crying… there was utter silence in the room… everybody were lost in the melody of the lullaby..

Ladies and Gentlemen, 22 years later , that small little thing my cousin did to that baby brings in great sweet memories that’s the power of love.. it had no language barriers! That little thing made my day that day. Now it is 22 years past since that day and that crying baby is now grown up and found a job.

That little thing still reminds me of how, small things can make life so beautiful .

Let us have a self audit of little things, in personal hygiene, in etiquettes , in healthy living, in money management, in office , in personal effectiveness, in relationships and so on!

There is beauty in small things.

Notice the small things. The rewards are inversely proportional.


2 thoughts on “Beauty of small things

  1. Hey bro, good one 👍Yes, small things always matters and values more..😀 And yeah I really miss those days 😔Wish I was in this family from childhood..And yeah nice song specially dedicated to our small baby Vijay..😉 Enjoyed the blog thanks Ajay 👍


  2. Thanks a lot brother for reminding us those joyful small beautiful instances of life.. Can never forget those days.. Love you guys.


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