LIFE…Hand-Built by faith!!! 

       Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark. Says, Rabindranath Tagore.

Here is a story my father told me about his distant relative – Xavier and Julie.

They were college students,fell in love. Had to face lot of hurdles before getting an approval for marriage. Their wedding reception was finally agreed to a small function. This wedding ceremony was a simple one but was conducted outside their house . Tent was put to accommodate the guests with a small decorated seat that was arranged for the bridegroom.
There a was a torrent of rain drenched the entire Kolar mining area and was a flood on their wedding day. She loved Xavier a lot, there were times she was not going well with Xavier’s family, especially with Xavier’s parents. She was very upset, about the way her wedding was planned and executed, the annoying love from Xavier’s family and the rain which played the spoil sport turned her from being upset to frustration.
The ceiling of the decorated tent was filled with rain water and was saggy and draining inside. That too exactly between Julie and Xavier which she felt herself agitated and with irritation.

Xavier’s father , who was proud retired military worker was drunk as a part of the celebration of his son’s wedding. At times, he would like to remind everybody that he is an ex military worker. To everyone’s surprise, Xavier’s father had come to their wedding , wearing his old military uniform. As it was raining he carried an umbrella but had not opened it and nobody knew why he carried it. He stood in attention position almost 20mts ahead and opposite to the bride and groom. Started Marching past , swaying the umbrella like a gun and came towards the bridegroom. He stamped the floor hard and saluted them with his right hand. Slurry from the floor splashed all over, Xavier and Julie’s face was full of the sand slurry now. Julie lost her cool, anger in her was like volcano erupting from the tent in that rain. It was like adding fuel to the fire,When Xavier whispered in Julie’s ears, wiping all that sand slurry from his face , that he was proud of his father so much because of his sacrifice for his country being in military. Julie was even more furious, Julie’s face was red in anger . This soon built in her an opinion about Xavier’s family and branded them as insensitive.

 The next one who entered the wedding tent was Anto who came and wished everybody there and sat next to bridegroom. Julie felt a bit relaxed as Anto was Xavier’s very close friend and that she knew him well. Anto had some biscuits in hand and was trying to feed a dog who had drenched in the rain. He tried to call the dog many times but no response. Of all the ways he tried to call the dog, when He called – choo… choo… Julie…. Julie Julie…. the dog ran towards him with all hunger to eat the biscuit. 
Thinking that Anto had called the bride, Julie asked – yes Anto? Anto tittered and replied – I just called the dog and not you! . Julie was even more frustrated and the whole of the wedding ceremony left her devastated. She started hating Xavier’s family and started behaving obnoxious, which caused the whole ceremony to be unpleasant. 

A dialogue from the famous movie- the pursuit is happiness – “the world is your oyster. It’s up to you to find the pearls. ”
Julie had faith in her relationship with Xavier. Julie found her pearls in Xavier’s family because of the faith she had in Xavier. 
Ladies and Gentlemen, faith is an expression of hope for something better. More than a wish, it is closer to a belief, but not quite. A belief is rooted in the mind. Faith is based in the heart.We act in faith when there is no guarantee, no certainty. No one knows what kind of life an infant will have, yet people continue to have children. No one can know how life with our mates will turn out, yet we continue to have faith our relationships will last a lifetime.
MK Gandhi has said: “You must not loose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty”. Years passed, Julie and Xavier lived to be one of the best couple in the community.Julie’s best support in the family was from her father in law. It was a beautiful life that she made for herself. 
The time has come for Xavier, as he was in the ICU down with diabetes and about breathe his last. His heart so weak to pump blood and the machine nearby – beep … beep … beep… beeeeeeeeep!! Xavier passed away….. leaving behind a family of 3 grown up children.
Julie now lives a life cherishing the beautiful memories spent with Xavier and his family. During their life together, they proved they were the best couple and a great family altogether.Julie’s life was built by her faith.

Friends, All that we hold precious rests upon a faith in people, their potential not yet fulfilled. The evidence of history points us in a different direction—the world is full of ugliness, brutality, and injustices. Yet there is also tenderness, kindness and concern and that takes the bigger part of our hearts.
Without faith in ourselves we would hold ourselves cheap, and without faith in others we could never live as free people. This is the water that quenches parched souls.



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