What is living ?

This life is very mysterious. It all depends on the way we chose to live, differently. The great beauty of life is its mystery, the inability to know what course our life will take, and diligently work to transmute into our final form based upon a lifetime of constant discovery and enterprising effort. Accepting the unknown and unknowable eliminates regret.

So what is living? Food to eat, clothing to the body and shelter over the head. That’s what we need to live ? No!!!

A good job, an handsome salary and a happy family. Thats called living ? No!!!

Even to get these things isn’t so easy you know? Life becomes boring when things fall in place the way you intended!

So what is life then, if living itself is so difficult and challenging ? I can understand human needs well. I grew up where far too many people lived day to day without elemental needs like food and shelter.

How to finish the work assignement ? How to fulfill and realise our dreams ? How to win the competitions ? How to win the goals ?

There are those who fulfill their desires through lies… those who achieve their selfish goals through our fears… Those pseudo humans, who act like goodmen and cheat us and win…. Those who make things happen as they desired, with money… Although when our lives are filled with such people,  if we believe in life itself and take courageous steps forward, thats when we are living.


When the world says – you’re done, can you not hear what your intelligence says ? – your life is in your hands.

When the society curtails your dreams, can you not hear your conscience asking you to fight with self confidence ?

Make a decision today and never forget it at all.

The fear of failure will chase you – Never look back !
When people laugh at you, as you are lying prostrate, never loose Hope!!
Your heart may tell you to stop. Never miss oppurtunity!

Search! and you will find it!
Knock and the doors shall be opened!
Look at your fear and tell one thing bravely – Grab my freedom if you can !! I will win!! Stop me if you can !!

With fire in your eyes, with that aggression to win, with belief in your knowledge and self confidence, if you walk towards what you want in life – You are living. So let’s start living.


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