Ganesh Chaturthi Enigma

Ganesh Chaturthi Enigma

I walked through the streets of my city. It was so beautifully decorated and every small streets were glittering with colourful lights and very scotching sounds from the electronic speakers every corners of the road. I wanted to escape from them as my ears and lungs couldn’t take it for the blasting sounds there. But one thing caught my attention which in course time healed me and diverted me. I was fascinated by the statues . The same Ganesha character in the form of different personalities, even the modern personalities weren’t omitted.

Of all the gods in India, and of the two sons of Siva – Parvathy , Mr. Ganesha is too fortunate. May be fortunate or may not be, for the only reason he is thrashed and dissolved within few days since he is arranged, worshipped and decorated. Later I realised that it was also a form of worship and may be we should not distort it if not welcome it.

I was just thinking to myself that my ancestor god , Muruga is too lucky that his devotees haven’t thought of or practiced such unique way of celebrating his days. May be my Dravidian ancestors were smart enough for that.

Coming back to why I was so much fascinated by different Ganeshas… I was amazed when i saw a statue of the Ganesha who wore a full red and blue stripped costume with a spider logo in between his chest. Famously called the Spider-Man Ganesha.

And then the other Ganesh , wore his underwear over his full body blue attire – Super man Ganesha.

Then, the different characters of Rajini Kanth Ganesha in different forms and Bahubali Ganesha and many more . There were so much interesting and fascinating.

My imaginations triggered!!! The artist in me got excited!!! I was lost into my clouds of imaginations to think about different forms of Ganesha to tell the world different stories.

I imagined a Ganesha with simple common man dress forcing himself into a pot hole on the road side , with a dirty bucket and bamboo stick – Manual Scavenger – Ganesha.

Another imagination popped in – a Ganesha in form of another common man ploughing his field – the Farmer Ganesha. One more Ganesha, with a tiny eyes and flat cheeks, when I explained it to my halfwit friend – he said it is Chinky Ganesha . It called it the Mengmawi Ganesha. A Ganesha , crucified on the cross and then Ganesha flying high in the sky after resurrection, a Che – Ganesha , Trump – Ganesha and many more .

Imagination is an almost divine faculty which, without recourse to any philosophical method, immediately perceives everything: the secret and intimate connections between things, correspondences and analogies.Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one. My imaginations went wild. Like in the famous words of Mark Twain – You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. I don’t know how to punish myself for even imagining like that. Yes it true. It is good to curb your thoughts and mark a limit to your imaginations. I felt so much ashamed to even have imagined like that. I bow my head down for that. I looked at myself in the mirror and slapped at myself.-I imagined a Ganesha with a pen and thick beard wearing fully black shirt and a waisty. I did not stop there , I went on to imagine another Ganesha wearing a full suit and pointing his right hand top and holding a book on which was written the constitution of India.

My sincere apologies…..

If you feel this creativity is contagious, please don’t pass it on.

As a writer, to pursue a creative life, I believe I must lose my fear of being wrong.

Please forgive my ignorance ….


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