Someone’s loss is someone’s gain

My friend Deepak, found a new 500INR on thesidewalk. “One man’s loss is another man’sgain,” he thought to himself, as he took themoney.

Raymond: Anto just got fired. Jude: I know. And Anto’s loss is my gain; I’m getting promoted to his job!

Dear Reader,

Life is like a share market – Someone’s loss is someone’s gain….

There was man called Fakir, who never missed his daily prayers, wherever he was, whatever he was doing, he never missed to say his prayers. When he missed anytime, he used to regret for it deeply.

He was a very holy and a religious man and was famously called as HOLY FAKir.

One evening as he was very tired of the day’s work, he flaked out sitting on the balcony. Fakir snored so loudly that it was a saw wood to the man next to him.

Suddenly the man pushed him and woke him up and shouted at him and reminded him that he had missed his prayers.

Fakir woke up and realised that he had missed the prayers and rushed to do the prayers. To the man’s surprise, Fakir returned to the man and thanked him for reminding him about the prayer time. Fakir again walked back to the man and thanked him again and asked for his name so that he can include his name in his prayers. Fakir was so glad and he wanted to do something for the man who reminded him about the prayers.

The man got furious as Fakir just kept disturbing him again from sleeping. Fakir insisted him again to tell his name.

The man got furious as he stared at Fakir.

For Fakir’s surprise that man’s face turned red like the red hit iron and horns bulged from his head and revealed himself as an evil and said with a cruel aggressive tone that his name was Satan. Fakir was shocked and with fear asked the Satan why he was so much interested in his prayers?

It is very true that if Satan wasn’t around, religions would go out of business.

Satan laughed and spread his wings and said to Fakir – If you missed your prayers today, you would be so saudade………………….

Your God would become very compassionate on you………………………., which is loss for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Instead I would better allow you to say your prayers..…

That a thing which is a Sin to one is a Blessing to another, no more than we count it a Solecism to say, that what is one Man’s Meat is another Man’s Poison.

One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor

One’s man’s pleasure is another’s pain

A thing which is a sin to one is a blessing to another

One man’s loss is another man’s profit

One man’s fault is another man’s lesson

Ralph Waldo Emerson had said – For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.

Well, I would like to share another story with you –

You know ?

Tamil Christian names are really funny sometimes…

To name a few – Amaidhi David.. Yesu Purushothaman…. Emmanuel Saravanan and so on 🙂

I had a friend called Peter Elumalai (Peter Seven Hills). His brother’s name is Infant Beggar in fully englih translation.

Actually Infant Pitchai!!!

Infant Pitchai was multitalented musician. Unfortunately, he was poor any never had any recent gigs. Mostly, because of his absent minded behaviour or May be Mr.Pitch-ai, couldn’t pitch himself properly.

When met at an occasion , Infant Pitchai shared his problems and asked me if I can get him any gigs.

I said to Infant Pitchai – “Although I have very few contacts relevant to music industry, I will try my best to you get you gigs.

I further asked Pitchai – what kind of gigs you really are looking forward to ? ”

Pitchai – “Im ready to do any gigs, any things from performing with a band to even tamate music on the road procession”

Pitchai was humble when he said that. Poor people can be just as proud as rich people. The main difference is that rich people have more to flaunt, thus making it easier to flaunt it. Poor people will just as easy flaunt what they have, when, they have anything to flaunt.

Pitchai further looked into my eyes and said -” Ajay, I’m desperate”

My wicked mind remembered an old man next to my house – He was very ill and may die any moment.

I told Infant Pitchai – “Okay… Would you perform for funerals and death processions ? ”

Infant Pitchai – was excited and said yes.

“There is an old man next to my house and may die anytime and I predict it atleast by this month.

I shall let you know once it happens and you can have to your chance to perform. ”

Weeks passed, I met Infant Pitchai on the road one day as I was on my way to office.

Pitchai asked me if that old man is still alive..

I said – yes Pitchai, he is still alive.. As I said that , Sad pitchai, his face turned so pale and disappointed.

“Be strong Pitchai, Good things will happen”

After nearly a week Pitchai rang up to me. Before I could fully say a word the man on the other side asked in desperation – hello – is the old man is still alive.. ?

“Ah! This is Pitchai again” – I thought to myself and said – “Yes Pitchai”.

Pitchai’s voice broke and faded as it continued. He was so frustrated in life, that he is not even getting any small chance to gig.

I asked Pitchai to be strong and that good things will happen.

Friends, exactly a week later good thing happened – The old man died.

Pitchai was informed.

Pitchai did a good job and was referred to various other funerals in the vicinity.

Hmmm… Pitchai was quite a known figure in the vicinity by then. All the known old men I knew , I met Pitchai in their funerals….. performing there… Great Pitchai!

Someone’s loss is someone’s gain – It is a philosophy that works, because, If you were to die, there are several people that gain from this too. The funeral home would make money. Your job would be available. Apartment maybe available.

In the malpractice suit lawyers, would gain. There is always someone that gains.

Someone’s loss is someone’s gain.


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