Colours of different religions

The sovereignty of scriptures of all religions must come to an end if we want to have a united integrated modern India. B. R. Ambedkar

I grew up feeling people didn’t look at skin color. Although it could be true, I feel people in society looked at dress colours and aesthetics. Especially those devotees who earnestly want others to know who they are worshipping .

Different people with different beliefs make sure they are identified in the society by wearing their specific recognisable attires in specific colours and asthetics.

Recently, I was amazed about how colour helps express the core beliefs of the world’s major religions.

While , Hinduism is identified by Vital red and sacred saffron Colors.

Buddhism by the rainbow of Nirvana.Islam the Ever green tradition. Christianity , so called the Colors in the sanctuary. Judaism – The True blue

But, I’m restricting myself to commenting on my local communities here in India , especially South India, with considerable peaceful religious attitude unlike the other part of the country.

Recently we celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi, Bakrid and Mary festivals.

I was wondering if People who wore dark saffron wanted them to be identified as Hindus and those with similar saffron dresses but faded ones wanted themselves to be identified as Christians .

It is like,

Dark Saffron – Maari Amma

Faded Saffron – Mary Mother

Such a correlation!!!!

Coming to black – those who wore black with a towel and thick seed chains on the necks, sport beard and walk bare footed are Ayyappa devotees and those who just wore black – I identified them as Periyar followers…

Black Shirt – with a towel – seeded chains on the neck -sport beard, walk bare footed – AYYAPA

Just the Black shirt – PERIYAR – Appa – Periyappa ( in order to make it rhyming #sorry)

Can anything good come of a backward way of thinking like judging someone based on skin color and dress color they wore ? No way.


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