Questions begs Answers….

We have to ask the tough questions – Megyn Kelly

They were the beautiful star studded skies. I lie on my terrace floor and gaze at the stars in the vast skies. There are times when I had aspired to reach there too.  It was the time when I had just graduated from the high school and introduced into the actual world of science as part of my next curriculum in Pre-University. The science, only in the perspective of humans, that is what is being taught in schools and colleges. Although being part of the Church Choir, a worship leader, Church Volunteer and so on, somewhere within me were few questions, for which I hadn’t found answers. Till today – I am still a reluctant atheist just as I was a reluctant theist.

Who created me? The question of the ages… Which I hope you and I will find answer one day. All the human design, the fancies of the world, human ingenuity… All utterly meaningless in the face of the only question that matters. Where do we come from? I refuse to believe that mankind… is a random by-product of molecular circumstance. No more than the result of mere biological chance. No. There must be more. And you and I, … We will find it.

There are questions… set of questions… The source of all knowledge is asking questions.

I’ve always been very much curious about things and slightly confused by the world, and I think someone who feels that way is in a good position to be the one asking questions.

To finding answers for my questions, I’m inviting each of my readers to join me in finding answer to these.

My questions might have limitations of humans as information processors. Inconvenience kindly regretted.

I was a soldier in the large army of the failed potential of human species. Ordinary is haunting their footsteps. Human Beings are very different from the other animals in this world.  All other animals live in an objective world of rivers, trees and other animals, Humans live in dual world. Yes, there are rivers, trees and other animals (who are seniors in the evolution when compared to humans) in our world. But on top of that objective reality, have we constructed a second layer of make-believe reality, comprising fictional entities such as the United Nations, God, the money and human rights?

Are all other species much older and better experienced than humans in terms of evolution? – maybe we should learn from them? or are we missing some truth?

The sciences of the Human Beings are constantly changing – As per our very recent physics – Earth is center of everything and it is yet an ambiguity; Most of our inventions in Chemistry occurred by accidents – plastic! Our Biological science isn’t completely clear we are yet to touch the deep ocean, while every day new species is being discovered!

Are we just experiencing the world or being experimented by superior beings monitoring the world? Are these super being just the human beings? or something beyond that ?

The answer begs a question! – Are we too young to understand the complexity of the universe?  – playing like an infant with the nature without knowing the consequences!

Do gods have expiry date just as my thoughts have?

Gods worshipped in the past have vanished today, yet some have evolved and withstood the times to be better stronger today.

If the religions of the world have their main god in the Universe and sub-god or a form of god in the earthly form, are they trying to prove that the Sun – the only energy source of life, as main god and tress which destroy badness and release the goodness, as earthly gods? Were ancient Tamils already ahead of the times I understanding such principles and in due course, their gods?

Are gods inspired by humans behaviours and imaginations?

The concept of imagination is perhaps the most important key to the understanding of the opus. If everything is from the nature, our thoughts are also from the nature itself…

And as time passes, these fictional entities have become ever more powerful, so that today they are the most powerful forces in the world. The very survival of trees, rivers and animals now depends on the wishes and decisions of fictional entities such as the United States and the World Bank — entities that exist only in our own imagination. The human civilization which is as young as 5000 years old, deciding the fate of millions of years of evolutions? Are we Humans so over confident?

The answer begs a question!

Are we powerful or is it only our superiority complex?

Is the cry for saving planet earth valid?

Are the humans so powerful? or the nature designed human species as part of its evolution in such a way to recalibrate itself by destroying through the tool of human species?

I believe the answer to our questions are already in the Universe. We must just ask the questions. Ask and we shall receive it. Knock and the doors shall be opened. We may fail in the slow process. Failure is the process of evolution…

At different stages of evolution., each time different species dominates this world and nature decides whether to have or change them… Dinosaurs, insects and now humans?

The above thoughts are testimony to a human mind – which never dwells in one thought! it changes constantly from one thought to another – not necessary to have any order!

So, I forced myself to bring this article to a conclusion – well, following question begs for a serious answer –can we claim ourselves powerful by pointing that the nature is being destroyed by humans?

Are we even qualified to think that we can protect the planet, if we change ourselves? or is it just the plan of the nature to destroy the human species by disguising itself?

The nature was there millions of years ago… even before the trees, rivers or any primitive species came into the existence! The nature will be there even after many millions of years after the human race is faded out of the planet earth!

The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10 thousand other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe – Michio Kaku

My questions begs answers……….


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