நான் இந்த வலைப்பதிவை கவிகோவுக்கு அர்ப்பணம் செய்கிறேன்

I looked at the mirror. It was shattered and broken. Not the mirror, But my Self.

I was scotched as I kept waiting for the blooming of flowers of which I had yet to sow the seeds.

Then I realized that this world is not the place for me. For people, here, everything intelligent is so boring. I got attracted to only such boring things. And it’s fun, when life is just flat-out boring. I can talk for a long time only when it’s about something boring, but my society hated such boring things. I was ridiculed, rejected and alone. I was attacked and trampled on the floor, like a rose.

To live in the society, I rather decided to be a little weird than all boring.Then they accepted me as their citizen.
Worldly wisdom is folly and vain with god

The victory of failure – Oh my failure may you live longer. You are my bonded partner of my life and nobody else holds privilege to enjoy the relationship you have with me.

Oh, my failure, you are my university – you taught me to use the wind as my wing. You are not the bruises on me, you are the scar that reminds me – to win. Oh, my failure, you are the money I earn, I can be rich and succeed with only you.

Devdutt for Buddha, Kosavan for Mahaveer Tirtankara, Judas for Jesus Christ. My followers became my enemies. No wonder, I could see the Satan disguised as saint here. I realised I failed – as I could not cope up to live in this pseudo world.  The victory of failure –

Oh, my failure…. Oh, my failure… you’re first attack crucified me.

Death is not the full stop.
Humans run the entire world, they lavish the riches with endless desires. At the end, they only own the 6 feet land? People are fools who say that the humans own only the 6feet land. I asked myself – Does that 6feet land truly belong to only me?
So many before me!!!
How many after me?
Even that 6feet land is not mine.

When I realised that I left myself, and travelled very far away from me, I stopped and stood there confused.
Where to go? – I don’t know.
Whether to go back? –  I don’t want.

What is life after all? It is just an expedition towards death since the day you’re born. I live just to die. If our lives are just phlegmatic – melancholic paths of death, I would better live by falling in love to make it fascinating.  You have a long life, if you have a heart, that can withstand any kind of pain.

Into deep meditation, I travelled – forgetting all the worldly desires. I imagined the unimaginable, my network with my consciousness was hassle free and my connectivity was so crystal clear.

Buddha’s Journey started from the day he left his palace,
Jesus’s path ended at the cross,
Gandhi’s path ended with the bullets
Why Buddha was not killed? He gave time and was patient. Might be that is the law of the nature.

I returned……………
The world was not the same…!!
The world was so peaceful…!!
The world was so calm….
The reason?
The world was converted into a graveyard.
Graveyards are always calm and peaceful.

Oh, my failure… Oh, my failure… your next attack resurrected me.

Oh, my failure… Oh, my failure… your sporadic attacks on me burnt me and I got lit like the forest fire. The fire spread and spread as the breeze of consciousness came it invigorated. Heat cannot be separated from fire, or beauty from The Eternal. I realized that It isn’t easy to put me off.

A cast-off boat on the calm river?  I’m the boat endeavouring on the stormy sea holding a course. A boat is safe in the shore but that’s not what boats are for. As a sailor, wind is to me what money is to life on the shore.

I’m the light upon the shore.

Life is a long journey to an unknown destination. I have started my journey from an unknown place.

Journey is not my desire. But am I created to be a traveller?
Where is the destination? I don’t know even that. The best part of the journey is the surprise and wonder along the way. I had taken the path that has been over-travelled by my well lived ancestors. And hence my footsteps have become ordinary.

Extra ordinary.

As a new traveller, things are interesting…Men think more about returning home than about leaving. In this earth, houses are just taverns.
As you are travelling, the co-travellers who join the journey are you wife, children and relatives. Be kind to all men and women you meet on your journey.
Relatives exists only till they reach their respective places.

Your destination are not your goals of life; they are also the taverns.
Everybody thinks they are travelling to their respective places, but the truth is that everybody is travelling to the same destination.
Though the paths are different, they lead to the same destination.

The halfwits and clod filled beings who don’t realise this argue and fight with each other that their paths are the only better ones and that their journey is the only victorious journey which leads to the perfect desired destination.  Some sleep in the same paths. Some believe that the souvenir trees are their destination and stay there.

Oh, lord!!! I had always asked you to save me. But today I pray to you to save yourself from such foolish men.

I’m the rose flower, every dew drops on me, tells me the secret of the skies.
I’m not the just the necropolis of the past, not the home of today, I’m the voice of the tomorrow.

I believe I’m a drop of the vast ocean. Though I may feel like an ocean, I’m not the ocean, I have the privilege of calling myself an ocean as I’m part of the ocean. When the drop mixes with the ocean again, it disappears in the ocean and forms in it. Mixing with the ocean as a drop and forming one in it. There is not any part of me that is alone and absolute.

I only drink the permitted wine… the wine of love… The living wine…
The worldly people drink the worldly wine to forget their love…
For me, I get high when I think of my love…
For a simple reason their love is in physical form and mine in spiritual form…
I was high with my wine of love…
For those who are high, One looks like many…
For me, everything looks like one…
Love isn’t that which you get easily…
My love is beyond the seven seas…
With all my stunts and achievements, I will cross the seven seas to get my love…

“If you lead me astray, then my wanderings will bring me to my destination.”
― Micheal Bassey Johnson

The above thoughts are testimony to a human mind – which never dwells in one thought! it changes constantly from one thought to another – not necessary to have any order!

Hence, I forced myself to bring this article to a conclusion.



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